How does Fulvic detox?

March 16 2021

How does Fulvic detox?

How does Fulvic detox?

We all know that toxins have become a major health problem in modern society and that toxins are here to stay. It has been proven that your overall health is directly proportional to the toxic load in your body. Your gut and cell health plays an important role in your level of toxicity and health. 

Fulvic has many properties that enables it to work on cellular as well as mitochondrial level. Because of its many nano size nutritional components and electrolytic power Fulvic has instant revitalizing, replenishing and nourishing effect on cellular level.

The main major constituents of Fulvic is nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) as well as amino acids. Fulvic also contains hundreds of complex minerals (fulvates), and trace minerals that includes almost every element in the periodic table. This makes Fulvic a powerful polyelectrolyte.

In addition to all that Fulvic also contains supercharged antioxidants, free radical scavengers, super oxide dismutase, nutrients, enzymes, hormones, natural antibiotics, natural antivirals, and natural antifungals.

Fulvic can remove and transport metals from the body, specifically “metallo-proteins.” These proteins actually protect your body by storing excess metals, so they’re not just flowing freely in your blood. But you don’t want them in your body at all, and Fulvic can help. Taking Fulvic over a period of 2 months can decrease blood levels of toxic metals and additionally improved the function of organs of elimination.

Fulvic can remove metals from your body, but they can actually form complexes that assist the metals in safely exiting your body.

When introducing Fulvic to your diet, it’s a good idea to start slowly. It’s possible that a slight detox reaction could occur. As with all other supplements, it’s important to notice how your body reacts.