About Us

New Zealand Premium Quality Products

Vita Cell Limited is the owner of the NuCell+ brand and we are based in Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand, Aotearoa. We draw on natural locally sourced ingredients to provide 100% NZ made products, creating a basket of supplements, that when mixed together with a healthy diet, active lifestyle and good sleep and rest, will be able to direct people on the right health journey.

Vita Cell’s main goal is to ‘Reach Your Potential’ with the bounty of what Aotearoa can offer and that these health-some benefits we have, will allow people to live a full and happy life.

Our Values are:

To manufacture and supply
New Zealand Premium Quality Products

To responsibly source our inputs
with a genuine commitment to sustainability

To ensure our inputs and outputs are
recyclable and that we care for our environment

Customer Satisfaction – we’re in to making
people healthy and happy.