This naturally refreshing tonic blends 100% NZ Fulvic with pure mineral water to support nutrient absorption, a healthy immune system and gut health. Enjoy daily with your favourite smoothie or cold drink for daily well-being and balance. NZ Fulvic is extracted from a mineral-rich seam deep within New Zealand, one of the world’s purest forms. NZ Fulvic is Gluten free, non GMO, sugar free, vegan & keto friendly and of course… 100% natural.

Daily dosage (adults):
• Each bottle contains 500mls and lasts up to 25 days
• Take 20mL (1 1/2 Tbsp) daily as a single serve in the morning or afternoon
• Add to water, juice or your favourite smoothie

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.


“NZ Fulvic has helped with my energy levels. Because of this I am less dependent on coffee. I am more alert. My NZ Fulvic is down to the last few shots. So I’ll be getting another set soon!”
PEN A MUHAIMIN NuCell - 5-star

“Performance motor racing is mentally and physically demanding. Fatigue and loss of concentration can be fatal. I use and recommend NuCell+ Daily Tonic for physical and mental advantage”
CHRIS VAN DER DRIFT – Porsche Racing NuCell - 5-star