How to make a Health-Promoting Citrus Peel drink

April 02 2021

How to make a Health-Promoting Citrus Peel drink

How to make a Health-Promoting Citrus Peel drink

With the permission of Gary Moller, NZ Functional Nutrition Consultant, we will post a number of recipes and points of advice from him and how you can incorporate Fulvic in your diet and everyday health.

Check out more about Gary Moller and enjoy the below post:

A simple citrus drink recipe for supporting immune health and detoxification


  1. One lemon, preferably organic (most people can find a lemon tree nearby).

  2. A box of dandelion and milk thistle tea bags (Healtheries "Detox Teabags" will do the job)

  3. A box of lemon and ginger teabags (Healtheries again)

  4. A box of green tea bags (these should all be available in most supermarkets or organic stores)

  5. Metabolic Energiser Powder (This contains NZ blackcurrant and a dozen other healthy ingredients but is not advertised. Contact me directly if you want to learn more about this product)

  6. A bottle of fulvic acid

  7. Water that is preferably fluoride and chlorine-free



  1. Add half a sliced lemon or more to a one to two-litre jug of water which you keep in the fridge.

  2. Add two of each of the teabags to the jug. These herbs assist detoxification processes.

  3. Add 2-4 heaped teaspoons of Metabolic Energiser.

  4. Add a generous dash of NuCell+ Fulvic to the jug of water or a spoonful per glass when serving.

  5. Allow the mix to soak overnight so that the teabags and the lemon skins have time to infuse the water with their delicious goodness.

  6. Drink this throughout the day. I add it to my drink bottle when exercising. It is refreshing to guzzle down when hot and thirsty.

  7. Eat a slice or two of the lemon now and then each day. (Soaking the slices for a day or two removes some of the bitterness).


Tooth Enamel

This drink is acidic, so please do not sip it as it could erode tooth enamel. Guzzle down a few times a day. Enamel can and does remineralise if given the right environment. Brush your teeth twice a day. Use an alkalising toothpaste such as one with baking soda in it. Ensure your diet includes calcium and other minerals so that there is plenty of calcium and other minerals in your saliva even when sleeping. If you want to be sure of your true mineral status get this test done.


Read about some of the astonishing health benefits of citrus peel here. Why aren't you told about this cheap universal health measure? Why isn't this delicious drink served to every hospital patient? Why is it not served to the elderly in the rest homes?